500 Kosakata Paling Sering Digunakan dalam Bahasa Inggris: Kamu Harus Menghapalnya!

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Setiap bahasa memiliki kosakata yang paling sering digunakan. Kosakata-kosakata tersebut sebaiknya kita mengenalnya dan menghapalnya sebagai pembelajar bahasa kedua. Lebih tepatnya adalah bukan sekedar menghapalnya, namun kita mengetahui kaidah penggunaanya. Pada artikel ini, akan dibahas mengenai 500 kata di dalam bahasa Inggris yang paling sering digunakan. Tanpa panjang lebar, silahkan simak di bawah ini:

Kosakata Kosakata Kosakata Kosakata Kosakata
1. the 101. get 201 .feet 201. living 401. round
2. of 102. through 202. land 301. black 402. dark
3.and 103.back 203.side 302.eat 403.past
4.a 104.much 204.without 303.short 404.ball
5.to 105.go 205.boy 304.United States 405.girl
6.in 106.good 206.once 305.run 406.road
7.is 107.new 207.animal 306.book 407.blue
8.you 108.write 208.life 307.gave 408.instead
9.that 109.our 209.enough 308.order 409.either
10.it 110.me 210.took 309.open 410.held
11.he 111.man 211.for 310.ground 411.already
12.for 112.too 212.head 311.cold 412.warm
13.was 113.any 213.above 312.really 413.gone
14.on 114.day 214.kind 313.table 414.finally
15.are 115.same 215.began 314.remember 415.summer
16.as 116.right 216.almost 315.tree 416.understand
17.with 117.look 217.live 316.course 417.moon
18.his 118.think 218.page 317.front 418.animals
19.they 119.also 219.got 318.American 419.mind
20.at 120.around 220.earth 319.space 420.outside
21.be 121.another 221.need 320.inside 421.power
22.this 122.came 222.far 321.ago 422.problem
23.from 123.come 223.hand 322.sad 423.longer
24.I 124.work 224.high 323.early 424.winter
25.have 125.three 225.year 324.I’ll 425.deep
26.or 126.must 226.mother 325.learned 426.heavy
27.by 127.because 227.light 326.brought 427.carefully
28.one 128.does 228.country 327.close 428.follow
29.had 129.heart 229.father 328.nothing 429.beautiful
30.not 130.even 230.let 329.though 430.everyone
31.but 131.place 231.night 330.idea 431.leave
32.what 132.well 232.picture 331.before 432.everything
33.all 133.such 233.being 332.lived 433.game
34.were 134.here 234.study 333.became 434.system
35.when 135.take 235.second 334.add 435.bring
36.we 136.why 236.soon 335.become 436.watch
37.there 137.help 237.story 336.grow 437.shell
38.can 138.put 238.since 337.draw 438.dry
39.an 139.different 239.white 338.yet 439.within
40.your 140.away 240.ever 339.less 440.floor
41.which 141.again 241.paper 340.wind 441.ice
42.their 142.off 242.hard 341.behind 442.ship
43.said 143.went 243.near 342.cannot 443.themselves
44.if 144.old 244.sentence 343.letter 444.begin
45.do 145.number 245.better 344.among 445.fact
46.will 146.great 246.best 345.able 446.third
47.each 147.tell 247.across 346.dog 447.quite
48.about 148.men 248.during 347.shown 448.carry
49.how 149.say 249.today 348.mean 449.distance
50.up 150.small 250.however 349.English 450.although
51.out 151.every 251.sure 350.rest 451.sat
52.them 152.found 252.knew 351.perhaps 452.possible
53.then 153.still 253.it’s 352.certain 453.heart
54.she 154.between 254.try 353.six 454.real
55.many 155.name 255.told 354.feel 455.simple
56.some 156.should 256.young 355.fire 456.snow
57.so 157.home 257.sun 356.ready 457.rain
58.these 158.big 258.thing 357.green 458.suddenly
59.would 159.give 259.whole 358.yes 459.easy
60.other 160.air 260.hear 359.built 460.leaves
61.into 161.line 261.example 360.special 461.lay
62.has 162.set 262.heard 361.ran 462.size
63.more 163.own 263.several 362.full 463.wild
64.her 164.under 264.change 363.town 464.weather
65.two 165.read 265.answer 364.complete 465.miss
66.like 166.last 266.room 365.oh 466.pattern
67.him 167.never 267.sea 366.person 467.sky
68.see 168.us 268.against 367.hot 468.walked
69.time 169.left 269.top 368.anything 469.main
70.could 170.end 270.turned 369.hold 470.someone
71.no 171.along 271.learn 370.state 471.center
72.make 172.while 272.point 371.list 472.field
73.than 173.might 273.city 372.stood 473.stay
74.first 174.next 274.play 373.hundred 474.itself
75.been 175.sound 275.toward 374.ten 475.boat
76.its 176.below 276.five 375.fast 476.question
77.who 177.saw 277.himself 376.felt 477.wide
78.now 178.something 278.usually 377.kept 478.least
79.people 179.thought 279.money 378.notice 479.tiny
80.my 180.both 280.seen 379.can’t 480.hour
81.made 181.few 281.didn’t 380.strong 481.happened
82.over 182.those 282.car 381.voice 482.foot
83.did 183.always 283.morning 382.probably 483.care
84.down 184.show 284.I’m 383.area 484.low
85.only 185.large 285.body 384.horse 485.else
86.way 186.often 286.upon 385.matter 486.gold
87.find 187.together 287.family 386.stand 487.build
88.use 188.asked 288.later 387.box 488.glass
89.may 189.house 289.turn 388.start 489.rock
90.water 190.don’t 290.move 389.that’s 490.tall
91.long 191.world 291.face 390.class 491.alone
92.little 192.going 292.door 391.piece 492.bottom
93.very 193.want 293.cut 392.surface 493.check
94.after 194.school 294.dome 393.river 494.reading
95.words 195.important 295.group 394.common 495.fall
96.called 196.until 296.true 395.stop 496.poor
97.just 197.form 297.half 396.am 497.map
98.where 198.food 298.red 397.talk 498.friend
99.most 199.keep 299.fish 398.whether 499.language
100.know 200.children 300.plants 399.fine 500.job

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